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Upper / Lower Blepharoplasty : DA Eye Surgery for Middle Age

Upper / Lower Blepharoplasty : DA Eye Surgery for Middle Age

Duration of operation / 30 min - an hour
Anesthesia / Sedation
Stitch Removal / After 5 - 7 days
Recovery / 7 days
Post-operative visit / 2 - 3 times

What is DA’s Eye Surgery for Middle Age

Aging causes loss of skin’s elasticity, creating droopy eyelids or stuffy eye bags under the eyes.

DA’s eyelid surgery for middle age include upper blepharoplasty which corrects droopy eyelids caused from transformation of skin around the eyes due to aging, eyebrow lifting, and lower blepharoplasty which corrects stuffy eye bags under the eyes.
Regain younger eyes from DA’s anti-aging eyelid surgery for middle age.

Method for DA Eye Surgery for Middle Age

1. What is an upper blepharoplasty?
An upper blepharoplasty changes the eyes from aged-looking eyes to younger-looking, clear eyes by correcting droopy eyelids caused by lack of elasticity in skin.

Once aging starts making changes to the body, the skin loses its elasticity, causing droopy eyelids. Droopy eyelids interrupt the view, causing bad influence on eyesight or creating wrinkles due to excessive raising up of eyes. In this case, it should be corrected with a proper blepharoplasty.

2. What is a lower blepharoplasty?
A lower blepharoplasty is a correcting surgery for those with eye bags and severe dark circles that are causing eyes to look older and grumpy.
Once the eyelids start drooping and skin gets thinner, the muscle around the eyes loosen up and expend the pocket under the eyes that is surrounding the fat under the eyes which bulge up and gives a grumpy and angry impression. In this case, a lower blepharoplasty goes through incision right below the lower lash line, then removal and repositioning of droopy skin and under eye fat to create a clear eye-line.

Candidates for DA Upper Blepharoplasty

Those who look older due to droopy eyelids covering double eyelid

Those with a lot of wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead due to constant raising up of the droopy eyelids using forehead muscle.

Those with eyelashes constantly poking the eyeballs and interrupting the eyesight.

Candidates for DA Lower Blepharoplasty

Those with grumpy and angry impression due to eye bags

Those who look aged with a lot of wrinkles due to loose skin under the eyes

Those with loose skin that creates shadow under the eyes, making dark-circles worse. 


Analyze the image of overall face and analyze the image of the eyes

Set up an operation plan to create an image that matches face and eyes

Operate a safe and accurate surgery

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 Academic Background & Training 

Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery specialist
Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery clinical instructor
Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery adjunct professor
Seoul National University Medical Graduate School PhD.

 Active Organizations 

Life member of The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Member of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Member of Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
Member of Korean Facial Contouring Plastic Surgery Research Society
Member of Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Research Society
Member of International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery(IPRAS)

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