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Facial Contouring: FAQ





 Q. What is the surgical method? 

 A.  Cheekbone surgery uses intra-oral incision and sideburn incision for osteotomy            (cutting the bone) of the front cheekbones and zygomatic bone (high cheekbone).
     DA performs personalized surgery depending on the individual's width, shape and
     extent of cheekbones, and minimizes the possibility of sagging cheeks by fixing the        bone firmly after osteotomy.

 Q. Isn't the fixation method dangerous? 

 A. Firm and accurate fixation method is performed to prevent malunion and/or saggy
     cheeks, and the pins used for the fixation is a surgical pin that has been approved
     safe for decades. The pins are currently used in every hospital for fixation purposes,
     so there is no need to worry about side effects.

 Q. How does an intra-oral incision work? 

 A. The incision is made on the vestibule of the mouth, the area inside your mouth
     between your skin and gum. The incision will be located on the oral mucosa, so
     with proper care, it will fully recover after removing the stitches and there is no
     need to worry about scarring as the incision area cannot be seen from the outside.

 Q. I went through square jaw surgery, but it didn't dramatically change the front 
     view of my face. 

 A. The classical method of removing only the lower-jaw can hardly change the front
     view of the face. The shape of the front chin is the most important factor that
     influences the front view of the face, so if needed, surgeries such as front jaw
     reduction, long curved square jaw surgery, cortical bone removal (if needed), and
     masseter reduction can be performed in order to effectively change the front view
     of the face.

 Q. The surgery involves cutting off bones. Won't the pain be severe? 

 A. The bones have no sensory nerves and its only the skin that feels the pain.
     For 2 days after the surgery, you may feel some pain and discomfort, but the pain
     will be manageable by pain killers and/or injections.

 Q. Should I get a fat graft or a cheekbone reduction surgery?

 A. Decision on the suitable surgery depends on the size of the head and the
     proportion, so the decision should be made after your consultation with our
     director. Normally, if the face is big, cheekbone reduction surgery is recommended,
     and for small faces, fat grafting is recommended.

 Q. When can I start eating after the surgery?  

 A. You can have some porridge the day after the surgery, but foods that are hard and
    have strong tastes (spicy, salty, etc.) should be avoided till the stitches are removed.

 Q. How bad will the swelling be?

 A. The amount of swelling varies for each individual so its very hard to tell.
     However, DA Plastic Surgery has shorter operation time compared to other clinics, so
     majority of our patients do not worry about swelling.

 Q, Is surgical drain insertion necessary? 

 A. Surgical drain helps recovery by draining blood or tissue-fluid that may have
     accumulated during surgery in short amount of time.
     It is helpful to have the surgical drain inserted for one day to prevent blood from
     accumulating which will help prevent swelling and for quicker recovery.

 Q. Do I need to be hospitalized after the surgery? 

 A. For square jaw surgery, one day hospitalization is required as patients have surgical
    drains inserted for one day. It is to observe the amount of bleeding after the surgery
    and the patient will be discharged the next day with the surgical drains removed.

 Q. How long is the recovery time? 

 A. Usually after 2 to 3 days, patients can return to their daily life, but major swelling
     can take up to 2 weeks to subside, and after one month, swelling will be
     unnoticeable. It takes around 6 months to one year to settle down completely, and
     by this time you will be able to tell the difference by looking at the before & after

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