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Rhinoplasty Q&A

Rhinoplasty Q&A

Q. Where is the incision area of rhinoplasty?
The method of rhinoplasty depends on the condition of patient’s nose, and it is either open incision or hidden incision. More information will be discussed during a consultation with your doctor.

Q. Where is the incision area of rhinoplasty?
The method of rhinoplasty depends on the condition of patient’s nose, and it is either open incision or hidden incision. More information will be discussed during a consultation with your doctor.

Q. Which material is used for nasal tip rhinoplasty?
For nasal tip, usually cartilage of nasal septum, ear cartilage, or skin is used, and the material used for rhinoplasty differs by the condition of the nose.

Q. How long does it take to recover?
Recovery usually takes about 1 to 2 weeks. It differs by the type of rhinoplasty and physical condition of each individual, but it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for swelling and after-care to end. Swelling is extreme within 2 days after operation and calms down rapidly. Noticeable splint, tapes, and stitches will be removed after a week.

Q. How about Misko Rhinoplasty?
Misko is surgical method of pushing the nose with medical thread that gives a temporary effect and is suitable for those who feel uncomfortable with rhinoplasty.

Q. Can I only get filler procedure done?
Yes, but filler is not permanent, so it should be retouched after certain amount of time. Also, filler can elevate the height of the nasal bridge but hardly corrects the nasal tip, so it may not be as effective for patients who want their nasal tip corrected.

Q. What is the method of anesthesia?
Rhinoplasty is operated through sedation. Because DA Plastic Surgery Clinic’s anesthesia specialist takes care of sedation, you won’t feel pain or remember anything during the operation.

Q. Is it okay to go through rhinoplasty if I have sinus infection or rhinitis?
If sinus infection and rhinitis is serious, it is better to have them treated prior to rhinoplasty, but if rhinitis is from allergy or treatment does not permanently cure them, it is okay to have nose job done.

Q. Can it treat deviated nose combined with nasal congestion?
Rhinoplasty can correct deviated nose and a surgery that corrects both aesthetical and functional problems is possible as well. It is important to check the condition of nasal septum and then plan the operation.

Q. How is rhinoplasty done if in case of thin skin?
Those with thin or pale skin can also have their nose job done. However, the possibility for the implant to be visible is higher than those with thicker skin, so it is important to insert an implant that is polished and is not excessively big, and it is also important to not elevate the height of nose too much. If in case of thin skin, usage of small implant combined with repositioning of nose cartilage, dorsum reinforcement, or cartilage transplant can also bring a satisfactory result.

Q. I have an aquiline nose with a bump in the middle, what should I do?
A bump in the middle of the nose which make aquiline nose appear because of excessive growth of nasal bone and nasal cartilage. It should be corrected by lowering the grown nasal bone and cartilage and if it is serious, it should be corrected by nasal bone osteotomy. If a flat nose is aquiline, rhinoplasty can be combined.

Q. Can I get a reoperation after 2 to 3 months of previous surgery?
The scar tissue is usually still stiff after 2 to 3 months of previous surgery. The scar tissue usually is stiff in the beginning and gradually gets softened, and that process mostly takes 6 months. Therefore, if possible, it is better to get a reoperation after 6 months from previous surgery. In rare cases, if the inserted implant bends, there is an infection, or if the skin has thinned up excessively, it can be done before 6 months after previous surgery, and it will be decided according to the condition of the nose.

Q. Is Silicone or Gore-Tex better?
Which one is better does not matter. What matters is which one fits you the most. Silicone is most used and is known as the most effective material because it does not change its shape or get absorbed. If a too big silicone is used for those with thin skin, it can be seen through the skin or it can bring side effects from excessive production of capsule in rare cases. Gore-Tex does not produce any capsule, but it can reduce in size throughout the time and it adheres to tissue firmly, so it can thin up the skin in case of reoperation.

Q. How is rhinoplasty for deviated nose done?
Everyone has slightly deviated nose with difference of the severity. Some patients do not recognize the slightly deviated nose, then after the surgery, they realize that they had a deviated nose then gets a reoperation done. The surgeon should be able to grasp the deviated condition before surgery and let the patient know before-hand to have it corrected during surgery. If the nose is seriously crooked or causes functional problems such as nasal congestion, a surgery(nasal bone osteotomy and correction of nasal septum) for correcting these problems is necessary. A rhinoplasty can correct the both aesthetical and functional problems of deviated nose to make it easy for patients to breath through the nose.

Q. Is short nose(upturned nose) correctable?
A rhinoplasty for short nose is usually high-satisfactory if its visible nostrils and pig-like image is corrected. However, it is technically complicated and has high possibility of side effect, so enough consultation should be done before the operation.

Q. Should rhinoplasty be repeated after certain amount of time?
In the past, because the rhinoplasty was done by inserting a silicon implant from between the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, there were problems with drooped nasal tip, dragged dorsum, or thinned skin on nasal tip. But in these days, an implant is inserted only on the nasal bridge and a cartilage is used for nasal tip. This method leaves a permanent effect and it remains for rest of your life and usually does not cause any problems or need for reoperation.

Q. Does reoperation leave worse swelling?
Reoperation is more complicated than the first operation but swelling does not differ. Swelling and bruising usually disappears in 2 weeks.

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