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DA Plastic Surgery Safety System : Anesthesia

DA Anesthesia Process & Types of Anesthesia

Anesthesia Specialist
Doctor Sung Hwan Kim

Academic Background & Training

Seoul National University Hospital Anesthesia specialist
Graduate of Seoul National University
Seoul National University Anesthesia adjunct professor

Active Organizations

Member of The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists
Member of The Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine
Member of The Korean Pain Society
Member of Korean Back Pain Research Group
Member of Korean Society of Interventional Muscle and Soft Tissue Stimulation Therapy(IMS)

Anesthesia Specialist
Doctor Hye Rim Kim

Academic Background & Training

Seoul National University Hospital Anesthesia Specialist
Graduate of Seoul National University
Seoul National University Medical Graduate School Master’s Degree

Active Organizations

Member of The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists
Member of The Korean Pain Society
Member of The Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine

Anesthesia is a medical technique of putting patient into unconsciousness for certain amount of time by using medical drugs to relieve pain and for surgeries or examination that requires patient to be motionless.

DA Preoperative examination
Plastic surgery is a kind of surgical operation and is mostly combined with anesthesia, so a detailed examination to determine if the patient can endure anesthesia, and then a suitable type and dosage of anesthesia is decided depending on the current condition and medical history of patient.

Types of DA Anesthesia

1 DA Types of Anesthesia
General Anesthesia
A general anesthesia is an anesthetic action that keeps the whole body motionless with no consciousness, feeling, movement, and reflex action in which the body does not react to any pain or stimulation and can not breath by itself unlike sedation. General anesthesia includes inhalation anesthesia, where an anesthetic gas is inhaled by the lung, and intravenous anesthesia, where an anesthetic injection is injected to the veins, and is usually done for facial contouring surgery, double jaw surgery, breast surgery, and etc. The anesthesia specialist go through the medical history, then decides and runs the proper method of anesthesia.

2 DA Types of Anesthesia
Sedative Anesthesia(Sedation)
Sedative anesthesia is an anesthetic method that puts patient into sleep by injecting proper drug but with some consciousness. Mostly, minimum amount of sleep inducer such as midazolam is injected to give relaxing effect. Sedating anesthesia is usually used for surgeries and procedures that doesn't involve cutting of the bone such as rhinoplasty, fat grafting, thermage, ulthera, and etc. An anesthesia specialist decides and uses a proper anesthetic drug by examining the condition of patient depending on the type of treatment.

3 DA Types of Anesthesia
Local Anesthesia
Local anesthesia is an anesthetic method in which an anesthetic drug is injected to the peripheral nerve that takes control of specific part of the body to shut off nerve conduction in certain parts of body. Unlike general anesthesia, patients can breath by themselves, so no other anesthetic equipment is needed. It is usually used in eyelid surgery, lip surgery, and petit surgery.

4 DA Types of Anesthesia
Painless Anesthesia
When receiving local anesthesia, pain disappears after the anesthesia, but it is painful during the injection. In order to reduce the severity of pain, a type of local anesthesia called painless anesthesia is used. As opposed to sedative anesthesia, the maintenance period for anesthesia is only 3 to 5 minutes, and is also safe to be used to children. Unlike the regular anesthesia where breathing is lessened, painless anesthesia increases breathing, so there is no need to worry for apnea, but the body may react to it just as if it went through a slight jogging. Accordingly, patients with heart disease or who are treated for high blood pressure is recommended regular local anesthesia than painless anesthesia.

DA’s Secure System for Safe Surgery and Anesthesia 

Use of REAL NAME and exclusive charge system
 DA established 1:1 exclusive charge system where a surgeon in exclusive charge who went through the consultation and operation itself takes care of all stages of operation including pre-operative examination to recovery.
With 1:1 exclusive charge system, you do not need to worry about shadow doctors.

Defibrillator and Emergency Kit Equipped
Following the medical law, defibrillator and emergency kit are equipped for any emergency situation.

Using Air Shower Before Surgery
We have installed an air shower to prevent any infection from germs caused from fine dust and yellow dust. For operating room to be germ-free, all medical staffs go through air shower before they enter the operating room to brush aside any dust or germs that may exist in parts of the body or clothes.

Holding Dantrolene
Attack rate of malignant hyperthermia which could rarely occur during the general anesthesia is just 0.0006%, but its mortality rate is high. Dantrolene, cure for malignant hyperthermia, is an orphan drug which has short expiration period and is high in cost, so only university hospitals are equipped with it. However, DA, who holds patient’s safety as priority, is always equipped with Dantrolene for emergency situation that may rarely happen during general anesthesia.

Sterilization by Plasma
DA puts the best effort to optimize the operating environment as a perfectly sterilized environment even with countless operations, by sterilizing the whole operating room with a plasma sterilizing system using peroxide unlike the existing sterilizing system which only limited on sterilizing the surgical instruments.

Equipped with UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supplies) enables normal supply of power even in case of sudden blackout for a safe operation unaffected by emergency situation. 

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 Academic Background & Training 

Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery specialist
Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery clinical instructor
Seoul National University Hospital plastic surgery adjunct professor
Seoul National University Medical Graduate School PhD.

 Active Organizations 

Life member of The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
Member of The Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Member of Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
Member of Korean Facial Contouring Plastic Surgery Research Society
Member of Korean Eye Plastic Surgery Research Society
Member of International Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery(IPRAS)

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