Thursday, October 26, 2017

Breast Surgery After-Care Program at DA

Breast Surgery After-Care Program

Breast Surgery Post-Op Care is important as the surgery itself.
At DA, we offer post-op care program for our breast surgery patients. 
Take a sneak peek at our post-op care schedule and know what to expect after your breast surgery at DA :) 

3~5 Days After Surgery: 

-Sanitizing the surgical area
-Removing the breast tape
-Consultation with the doctor/1 month of breast contraction prevention medication prescribed 
-Receive implant registration card, 
-After care treatment at 9F (Dermatology Clinic) 

7 Days after surgery: Remove stitches

2 weeks after surgery: (9F) After-Care Treatment

3 weeks after surgery: 
-Consultation with the doctor
-Determine whether to keep wearing correction bra/upper bandages
(Due to patient's condition, wearing correction bra/upper bandages can be extended for 1~2 months) 
-Instructions on wearing sports bra 
-Prescribe 2 months worth of medication for breast contracture prevention 
-After-Care Treatment (9F)  

4 weeks after surgery: 9F After-Care, 1 Month Post-Op Photo taken

9 weeks after surgery: 8F Consultation with the doctor, Post-Op Photo taken

6 months after surgery: 8F Consultation with the doctor, Post-Op Photo taken 

Symptoms that may occur after taking Scar/Contracture Prevention Medication

-Skin troubles occurring on the face or body
-Digestive problems, change in urine color (red), increase amount of urination
-If above symptoms occur too often, it is possible to change the medication or stop taking them

Total of 4 Post-Op Care Programs]
è  5 days (4-1) – LCL, SmartLux -> 2 weeks (4-2) – LCL, High Frequency Wave Care
è  3 weeks (4-3) – High Frequency Wave Care, Regeneration Laser -> 4 weeks (4-4)- High Frequency Wave Care, Spectra Laser

*Motiva Breast Augmentation 
(Total of 8 Post-Op Care Program Included)

*Schedule may change due to individual’s body condition” 

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-Line: daplasticsurgery
-WhatsApp: +82 10 3455 7111 

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