Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Winter Citrus: Grapefruit benefits and recipes!

Winter Citrus: Grapefruit Season is here! 

Winter is the season for grapefruits!
This misspelled fruit (seriously grape?fruit? - so confusing!) is a subtropical fruit that has a sour and semi-sweet taste. 
It is full of Vitamin C and its best to consume on a cold winter-day to boost your immune system. 
Here are different ways you can consume grapefruit! 

1. Grapefruit Ade or Tea

It's refreshing to enjoy grapefruit as it is but making grapefruit ade or tea allows you to enjoy more flavors. 
Prepare two grapefruits (preferably same sizes) and equal amount of sugar. Slice the grapefruits and mix it with sugar and sill it in a glass jar for 2~4 days in the fridge. 

2. Mix it with yogurt

Grapefruit is known for its weight loss benefits. Mixed with sugar free plain yogurt or Greek yogurt and it can become the best diet food. 
Mix diced grapefruit with yogurt, and add nuts, cereal or maple syrup on top for more variety and flavor!

3. Grapefruit Salad

Another recipe for dieters, you can enjoy fresh grapefruit salad without any dressing. Just add lettuce, onions, ricotta cheese and other vegetables of your choice for quick and easy salad!

4. Roasted Grapefruit

If you want to try something new how about roasted grapefruit? It can bring out the sweet flavors. 
Preheat the frying pan and put cooking foil on top and place half sliced grapefruit and sprinkle sugar or honey on top. Roast for 6 minutes and you can add yogurt, walnuts, coconut or cinnamon for more flavors. 

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