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Cautions after Eye Surgery

Cautions after Eye Surgery 

1.     Posture
1)     For 1 week after surgery, please maintain an upright position, don’t bend your neck and keep your head higher than the heart to quickly reduce swelling.
2)     Please lie on your back and do not sleep on your side or on your stomach.

2.     Dietary Instructions 
1)     Regular meals can be consumed but please avoid strong-tasting foods.

3.     Swelling
1)     Swelling and bruising is severe in 48 hours after surgery, and after 2~4 weeks it will gradually go down, but it may differ in individuals.
2)     Apply ice packs on the day of surgery and up to 3 days after surgery. After 3 days, ice/hot packs are not necessary.

4.     Wound Care
1)     Crying, rubbing the eyelids, or shutting the eyes forcefully is prohibited
2)     If you put force on your eyes bleeding may occur so please be careful
3)     Stitch removal period may differ depending on the surgical method and is removed 2~10 days after surgery. 

5.     Face Washing, Shower and Make-Up
1)     Please wash your face with wet towel, avoiding the surgical areas, until you get your stitches removed.
2)     Washing your face and wearing make-up is allowed the day after stitch removal
-       Do not rub areas around the eyes and be extra careful. For patients who underwent under eye bag removal are allowed to wash their face 3 days after surgery.
-       Wearing eye make-up is allowed 2 weeks after surgery and remove makeup with eye make-up removal cream.
3)     Fake eyelashes and semi-permanent make-up tattoos are allowed 1 month after surgery
4)     You can use contact-lens 3 weeks after surgery
5)     Saunas are prohibited for 1 month after surgery

6.     Medication
1)     Take the prescribed medication regularly and on time. If you experience diarrhea, rashes and other symptoms after taking the medication, please contact the clinic.  
2)     Please do not take aspirin or vitamin E for 1 week after surgery as it may cause bleeding.

7.     Progress
1)     Chemosis which is swelling of the conjunctiva may occur. It does not affect your vision so be rest assured.
2)     Bruising, intraocular hemorrhage, chemosis can last up to 2~3 weeks.
3)     The final shape of the eyes will settle down around 6 months after surgery
4)     For patients who underwent ptsosis correction and lower blepharoplasty may experience dry eye, dazzling and tears flow, but these symptoms will get better with time.
5)     Area around the eyes and forehead can become dull but this will improve within a few months.
6)     Lower blepharoplasty done through the conjunctiva can cause blood to gather and within 1 week after surgery, it can run like blood tears in small amounts. It is not bleeding so please do not worry. If the symptom continues, please visit the clinic.
7)     Blood clots can occur in the conjunctiva after a few months, but it can easily be removed so please do not worry and contact the clinic.  

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