Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cautions after Rhinoplasty

Cautions after Rhinoplasty

1.     Posture
1)     For 1 week after surgery, please maintain an upright position, dont bend your neck and keep your head higher than the heart to quickly reduce swelling.
2)     Please lie on your back and do not sleep on your side or on your stomach.

2.     Dietary Instructions
1)     Regular meals can be consumed but please avoid strong-tasting foods.

3.     Swelling
1)     Swelling and bruising is severe in 48 hours after surgery, and after 2~4 weeks it will gradually go down, but it may differ in individuals.
2)     Apply ice packs on the day of surgery and up to 3 days after surgery. After 3 days, ice/hot packs are not necessary.

4.     Wound Care
1)     Do not remove the tape and splint on your nose.
2)     If you have a white cotton packing inside, it is removed 1~2 days after surgery. If you have clear silicon packing inside, it is removed 1 week after surgery.
3)     Stitch removal for nasal bridge is done 1 week after surgery, for alar reduction 7~10 days, and stitches inside the nose are removed 2 weeks after surgery. After the first treatment session, apply ointment on the incision area once a day until the stitches on the inner part of the nose is removed. (Please follow the instructions given on your first visit).
4)     Please do not remove or touch scabs or scars formed on the inner part of your nose.
5)     Do not pick your nose with your fingers or cotton buds.

5.     Face Washing, Shower and Make-Up
1)     Please wash your face by a wet towel, excluding the surgical area until the splint and tapes are removed.
2)     You are able to wash your face and put on make-up the day after removing the stitches on the nasal bridge. When you wash your face, please do not rub too hard, be gentle and try not to put too much pressure.
3)     Saunas are prohibited for one month after surgery. 

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