Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cautions after Fat Grafting

Cautions after Fat Grafting

1.     Posture
1)      1 week after surgery, please maintain an upright position, dont bend your neck and keep your head higher than the heart to quickly reduce swelling.
2)     Please lie on your back and do not sleep on your side or on your stomach.

2.     Dietary Instructions 
1)     Regular meals can be consumed but please avoid strong-tasting foods.

3.     Swelling
1)     Swelling and bruising is severe in 48 hours after surgery, and after 2~4 weeks it will gradually go down, but it may differ in individuals.
2)     Apply ice packs on the day of surgery and up to 3 days after surgery. After 3 days, ice/hot packs are not necessary.

4.     Wound Care
1)     If you have stitches, facial stitches are removed 2~3 days after and stitches on your thighs are removed 7~10 days after surgery.

5.     Face Washing, Shower and Make-Up
1)     You are able to wash your face, shower and apply make-up 3 days after surgery. If you rub too hard while washing your face, the grafted fat may change shape so please wash gently and do not put too much pressure on your face.
2)     Saunas are prohibited for 1 month after surgery.

6.     Exercise
1)     You can go back to your daily life routine 1 week after surgery, can start light exercises 2~3 weeks after surgery and vigorous exercises can be done 1 month after surgery.

7.     Medication
1)     Take the prescribed medication regularly and on time. If you experience diarrhea, rashes and other symptoms after taking the medication, please contact the clinic. 
2)     Please do not take aspirin or vitamin E for 1 week after surgery as it may cause bleeding.

8.     Drinking and Smoking
1)     Drinking and smoking causes bleeding, infection and slows down recovery so it is prohibited for 1 month after surgery.

9.     Progress
1)     To maximize the fat engraftment rate, you must prevent massage, too much movement or pressure on the surgical area for 1 month after surgery.
2)     To increase the fat engraftment rate, for 3 month consume enough nutrition and do not go on a diet. Weight loss can be the cause of decreasing fat engraftment rate.
3)     Do not put pressure on the fat grafting area and be cautious not to hit, press and take extra care not to press it while sleeping.

10.   Emergency
1)   If you experience change in skin color, extreme pain or swelling within 48 hours after surgery, please contact the clinic right away. 

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